Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ContactsBook: Getting Started (3) Sending an e-mail

You can send mail to multiple contacts at the same time.

1. Sending e-mail to members of a group

You can send an email to members of a group at the same time. First select a group and press the email button below.

This will display a list of the group's email addresses. Tapping the e-mail address switches "To" and "×." Select the addresses you want in the group email by switching them to "To." Then, please press the e-mail button on the top right to edit the e-mail. 

You may then type your e-mail.

To: is the default Group E-mail setting. If you switch "Use Cc/Bcc" to on, you can also tap the e-mail address to select between “To,” “Cc,” “Bcc” and “x”.

Once set, the contact information is recorded for each group. If you send an e-mail address again to the same group, it will use the previous setting unless you change it.

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