ExpenseBook -budget viewer

"ExpenseBook" focuses on controlling expenses and keeping a budget.

Expenses are very easy to input and they show up immediately on your budget.

"ExpenseBook" gives you useful information to control expenses through graphs, a table and a filtering tool which are easy to understand and enjoyable to look at.

Demonstration Video
To look at review and demo video, please visit "The Daily App Show".

ExpenseBook consists of following five mode, each mode can be switched at any time in the tab bar. (following summaries have more detailed information about each mode.)

Register, edit or delete expense records.

  • functions to quickly input an expense name, a category, an amount of money and note. 
  • slider to input money 
  • calculator to input money. 
  • one touch category selector 
  • reuse names from the history list 
  • clone expense items 
  • divide expense items 
  • attach a photo to an expense.

    4 Types of graphs visualize your expenses.

    • The line layer graph can show how expenses change from day to day.
      • You can see how expenses increase from day to day and this will help you save money. 
    • The bar graph shows expenses vs budget for each categories. 
      • You can see which category you spend too much. 
    • The circle graph shows a monthly breakdown of expenses. 
      • You can easily compare spending habits by category. 
      • The bar graph shows how your expenses change from month to month. 
    • You can compare current expenses to past months. 
    • Each graphs are touchable 
      • a balloon shows a summary of information when you touch a part of the graph. 
      • an expense list appears when you tap a part of the graph. 
    • photos are shown within graphs to make the graph easy to understand and fun. 

    a summary of all expenses on one sheet.

    filtering by date, amount of money spent, category, name and note


    • able to customize categories by using add, delete and reorder functions.
    • able to assign a budget for any category (food, clothing,etc.)
    • able to make a special budget for particular month that is different from standard budget. 

    • attaching tags make it easy to filter for a particular purpose.
      • For example, you can use it to list credit card charges, to list up wasts etc.