Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ContactsBook: Changing the order of contacts

The contacts are usually ordered by name but you can rearrange the list by Organization / Color / Creation Date / Birthday / or you can use "Drag and drop" to create your own Custom list.

1. Arranged by Organization

In order to change the order of the contacts, tap the center button on the toolbar. Choose "▼Organization" in the "List Sort Type" menu.

Organization names will be sorted in alphabetical order. If you have used Chinese characters, they will not be sorted correctly.

2. Arranged by color

Choose "▼Color" to sort the contacts by color. 

To learn how to add color to a contact, please read the following articles.

3. Arranged by Creation Date

Contacts are arranged in descending order of the date they were added to the address book. This is useful when looking for recently added contacts. 

4. Arranged by Birthday

Contacts are arranged in descending order of birthdays. 

5. Arranging using Custom lists

You can rearrange the order of contacts using the "▼Custom" menu choice along with drag and drop. The order will be recorded for each group. First, choose a group to sort.

 First, select the "▼Custom" option.

Change the order of the contacts by dragging and dropping. 

For example, you can order a group by age or put the contacts you use the most at the top.

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