Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Taskbook: Adding a task to the calendar

You can add tasks to the standard calendar on the iPhone or iPod Touch. You can also specify a time to set the alarm.

1. How to add tasks to the calendar

Scroll down on the Edit Task screen and tap the “Register Calendar Event” button.

The Add Event screen will pop up. You can then tap the Starts and Ends time. You will need to turn of the “All-day” button to select a specific Starts and Ends time.You can also select Repeat or set an alarm using the Alert.

After setting an event for a task, there will be an icon added to the task like the picture below. You can then check to see that the event is added to the standard calendar.

2. Modifying or deleting the events calendar

If you would like to modify or delete events after they have been added, tap the “Edit Calendar Event” once more.

You can also add tasks to the calendar using a swipe shortcut.

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