Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Taskbook: How to customize the state

The state of a task can easily be changed, or deleted. You can also move the state up or down on the tabs by using Drag & Drop.

1. Customizing the state

Tap the “Settings” button on the bottom right of the toolbar. Then tap the “States” button.

2. To change the status setting

Select the state you want to change and move to the edit screen.

Change the name of the state
Edit the name. 

To change the icon image
If you choose a pre-made icon, tap the “Select From Defaults” option. If you want to design your own icons, please see the following article.
  • Freedom The freedom to design new state and tag icons 

Change the color of the icon
You can pick any of the available colors for each state.

When you finish selecting your new settings, exit the Settings for the new options to take effect.

3. Create a new state, delete, or change the order

To create a new state, tap the "+" button tap. If you want to delete or change the order status, tap the “Delete and Change Order” button.
Hold the icon (3 lines) on the right to Drag & Drop the state. 

4. Shortcut to customize a state

Press and hold state tab to customize a state.

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