Monday, May 3, 2010

Manual 5. Budget

There are 2 types of budget.

-Standard budget
 Basically, this budget is applied to all months.

-Special Budget
 This budget is optional and applied to particular month.
 If you make special budget for a month, special budget override  standard budget.

[1]Standard Budget
-Add category
 Tap "+" button to add new category.

-Category detail
 Select category to edit category name and budget.

-Delete category
 Tap "Delete And Change Order" button to start edit mode.
 Also you can swipe left to right (or right to left)  to see "delete" button.

-Change order
 Tap "Delete And Change Order" button to start edit mode.

[2]Category detail
-Category name
 If you change category name, category name of all expenses which are belong to that category will be replaced to new name. Category name of special budget will also change to new name.

 Input budget by slider or calculator.

[3]Special budget
-Add new special budget
 Tap "+" button to create new special budget.  And pick month and tap "Done".
 New special budget is copy of standard budget.

-Edit special budget
 Select special budget you want to edit.
 How to edit special budget is same as standard budget.

Budget appears almost every view.
You can see how budget change from month to month in "Monthly History" graph and "Budget" table.

If you don't want to do budget management, you can completely hide budget by setting.
Try "Settings > User Interface > Show Budget".

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