TaskBook is a useful tool to control your to do tasks. You can easily organize your tasks using tabs and the drag & drop function. Any time you open your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, you should always be able to easily see what the next task is.

1. How to add tasks

Tasks can be added to TaskBook one by one or you can add multiple tasks at once. You can then add photos, notes, and voice memos to tasks.

2. How to organize tasks

TaskBook can organize tasks different ways. You can use Drag & Drop to quickly move a task to another list.
Tasks that should be completed immediately can be dragged to the “To Do” list. Tasks that have a specific date can be dragged to the “Planned” list and tasks that can be put off until later can be moved to the “Pending” list.
It is easy to change the priority of a task by using Drag & Drop to move the task up or down on the “To Do” list.

3. To perform the task

Open the task list organized, tackle a single task. Tap the button in the lower right "tab" to switch hidden in the checklist.

4. Customizing TaskBook