Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Taskbook: Getting Started (3) How to perform tasks

Open the "To Do" tab and perform tasks.

1. To Do: List of tasks

Select the “To Do” tab and tap the button on the bottom right.

When you tap this button, tabs are hidden, and checkboxes appear on the left.

Tap the checkbox on any task that is complete. The task will automatically move to the “Done” tab. Tap the bottom right button again and the tabs will reappear.

2. Planned: Reviewing the list

Tap the “Planned” tab and the list will appear in the order of the planned date.

3. Done: Check completed tasks

In order to ensure that a task is completed, tap on the "Done" list. Tasks are ordered on this list by completion date (newest first).

Label that indicates the number of tasks

The numbers on the tab show the number of tasks that are included in each list.

  • Blue label  
    • Shows the number of tasks to be performed immediately. Specifically, the "To Do" list and tasks that are planned for today or any day before today. 
  • Gray label 
    • Shows the number of tasks that are not planned to run immediately. Also shows any task that is scheduled to run either tomorrow or later. 

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