Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ContactBook: Using a local group

In order to group your contacts synching with the Exchange or Google Sync, "Local Group" should be used. Contacts synching with the Exchange or Google Sync can not be grouped in normal groups.
Local groups are enabled only in ContactBook. They do not appear when you open the standard "Contacts".

1. Adding to a group of regular contacts with Exchange (error)

The following contacts are synced with a Google Contacts account in Exchange.

When you try to add it to a normal group, you get an error message. 

2. To use a local group

When you create a group, tap the "Local Group" switch to turn on local groups.

The local group can be added to contacts with Google Sync or Exchange now.

Please note, local groups can only be set when creating a group. Local groups cannot be changed in Group Settings after creating a group.

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