Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Taskbook: Grouping tasks by using tags

Tags can be used as another way to organize your tasks. Tags that are already defined are Star, Home, Office, Phone, and Shopping. Tagging helps you organize places to perform a task. For example, the Home tag shows a list of tasks you picked to be performed at home. Tags can also be created for any other purpose.

For customized tags, please see the article below.
1. Tagging a task

Tags can be added by using drag and drop. Scroll down the list of tabs on the right side. Simply drag the task to the desired tab and release.

2. Tagging multiple tasks

You can add tag to multiple tasks in Edit mode. To start edit mode, tap the "Edit" mode. Then check al tasks you want to edit.

Drag tasks to desired tab.

3. Opening a list of tagged tasks

You can easily open a list of tagged tasks by tapping on the tag tab on the right side of the screen.

4. How to remove a tag

To remove a tag, drag and drop the task on the same tag which was originally used for the task.

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