Thursday, September 6, 2012


Contactsbook is an application that can group your contacts together and send group e-mails. You can organize your contacts using intuitive drag and drop tabs.

1. To create a group

When you start the application, there are only three tabs, "All," "Search," and "Unclassified." To create a group, please push the "+" button under these tabs.

3. Sending e-mail

You can send an email to members of a group at the same time. Once set, the contact information is recorded for each group. If you send an e-mail address again to the same group, it will use the previous setting unless you change it.

  • Feb 20, 2011 version 1.0
  • Feb 24, 2011 version 1.1
  • Mar 5, 2011 version 1.2
  • Jun 14, 2011 version 1.3

Saturday, August 18, 2012


PhotoBook automatically organize your photos in the order of the day shooting.
And you can easily organize photos using tab and drag & drop.

1. Organizing Photos By Date

All photos in your device will be organized in the order of the date. And you can find photos taken past. Press top right button to open calendar.

2. Create Albums

In order to organize photos, please create an album. Press + button in right pane and input name and select icon image.

3. Adding Photos To Album

You can add photos to albums by drag and drop. Using edit mode, you can add multiple photos at once.

  • Press and hold the photo. After it lifted, drag and drop to album tab.
  • To add multiple photos to album, Press "edit" button, touch photos to check and drag and drop them.
  • While viewing photos, press album button in bottom to add to the album.

4. Other Functions

  • Opening map where you took the photo.

5. Features and Considerations PhotoBook

PhotoBook does not copy photos and movies to app storage unlike many other album apps. So PhotoBook has following merits.

  • It does not take time to copy photos to inside app.
  • It does not occupy storage.
  • You do not have to fear losing photos because of app bug or trouble.
  • Any change you make using PhotoBook synchronize with photo library.


  • Do not delete photos in "Photos" even you use PhotoBook. If you delete photos from "Photos", they do not exist in PhotoBook.
  • PhotoBook do not hide private photos or movies.
  • You can not delete photos, remove photos from album and delete albums. Please use "Photos" to do them. These functions are restricted for 3rd party apps.
  • To use PhotoBook please allow use of location information. Because photos contain location information, PhotoBook need your parmit to access to photo library.

7. Contact


  • 2012/9/3 version1.0
  • 2012/9/5 version1.0.1