Thursday, July 28, 2011

ContactsBook: The freedom to design new group icons

Icons that are drawn with an iPhone app can be used if none of the default icons are sufficient. You can any drawing apps in the AppStore. I explain how to draw using my app "sketcher" ( iTunesStore ).

1. Drawing an icon

Start "Sketcher" and create a new sketch.

Draw a picture in black on a white background. Set the color to black. Please use a somewhat thicker pen. The icon may look thin and collapse because they reduce the size if you use a thin pen. For iPhone 4 or later, use a 50 pixel wide pen. For iPhone 3 or older, a 25 pixel wide pen is good. 

Draw a picture. When you draw detail, pinch to zoom up.

When you finish drawing, tap the action button and select "Save to CameraRoll".

2. ContactsBook: Adding the new group

In the Edit group screen, tap the Icon Image. Choose the “Select From Library” button.

Select the picture you saved earlier in the camera. Place the picture so it fills as much of the frame as possible.

Tab then reflect the icon you created.

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