Sketcher is a easy to use drawing application.

-Four types of drawing tools
    You can adjust the color and line thickness for all tools.
  -Solid Pen
  -Blur tool

-Color Pallet
     You can save created color to pallet with Drag & Drop
  -HSB(hue, saturation, brightness) base color creating
  -RGB(red, green, blue)  base color creating
  -Mixing two colors
  -Color pick from canvas
    You can get color from canvas.
    Press and hold canvas to start color picking. If you hold while picking color, canvas will be zoom.

  You can use 4 sets of tool and color. For example, set 1 for thin pen, set2 for thick pen and set 3 for eraser. You can swtch tools quickly.

  -Zoom and Move with 2 finger drag
  -Double tap to zoom in.
  -2 finger tap to zoom out.

-10 times undo

-Copy and scaling

-Import picture from camera or picture library
-Save picture to camera roll

-Layer feature is not provided