Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Taskbook: How to set the task format and the the order of the list

1. To change the display format of the task

There are three different ways to format tasks. Tap the second button from the left on the toolbar.

  1. 3 Lines + Photo (left) 
  2. 3 Lines (Middle) 
  3. Single Line (right) 

2. How to change the order of the list

The list can be sorted by selecting from the list of five different options. The setting will be saved for each task list individually.
By default, the Inbox, Do, Pending, and Delete lists are set to Priority. The All list is set to State, and the Planned list is set Planned Date (newest first). Tap the middle button on the toolbar to change the sorting order as desired.

  1. Priority 
  2. State 
  3. Color 
  4. Planned Date (oldest first) 
  5. Planned Date (newest first) 

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