Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ContactsBook: Getting Started (1) Creating a group

When you start the application, there are only three tabs, "All," "Search," and "Unclassified." When you create a group, more tabs are added below these tabs.

1. Creating a group

Start the application the first time and to the right are three tabs, "All," "Search," and "Unclassified." To create a new group below these tabs, tap the "+" button. The "New Group" screen will then launch.

Please enter a name for the group using the keyboard.

2. Choosing an icon for the group

To choose an icon for the group, tap the "Icon Image" button and then pick "Select From Defaults."

Please select from nearly 150 ready-made icons.

To learn how to create new icons, please see the following article.
  • Freedom to design the icon of the group
3. Setting the color of the group

To set the color of the group, tap "Color."

Use the "Saturation" and "Hue" sliders to adjust the brightness.

You can also select color from default colors.

Please tap "Done" on the top right. The new group will have been created.

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