Friday, April 30, 2010

Manual 1. Edit

In Edit mode, you can record new expense or revise it.

[1] Expenses list
-Record new expense
 Tap "+" button to go to [2]Expense detail.

-Detail of expense or revise
 Select expense item from list.
 To revise it, tap "Edit" button after you go to next view.

-Delete expense
 Swipe left to right (or right to left) and tap "Delete" button.

-Other month
 To open other month's list, tap top left button. And select month  you want to edit from months list.

-Total expenses and balance
 You always can check those in bottom area. To see more detail information, tap this area.

[2]Expense detail
 Tap camera button (or photo) to attach photo.

-Amount of money
 There are two ways to input amount. You can input quickly by slider. If you want to input detail or large amount, please tap number to start calculator.
 You can select maximum value of slider in "setting > user interface".

 Simply tap to change category.
 You can customize categories in "Settings > standard budget".

 There are two ways to input name. You can input name directly in text field. If you want to copy from existing item, tap "list button" next to text field. You can select from existing expense names list.

 To change date, tap text field.

 You can write note in text area.

 You can add tag to expense. Please "list button" next to memo area to open tag list. Tag name you select will be added to note.


When you tap amount of money number, calculator start.
You can input number and calculate.
Then tap "=" button to return to previous view.

You can select "00" or "000" key in "Settings > User Interface".

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