Thursday, September 6, 2012


Contactsbook is an application that can group your contacts together and send group e-mails. You can organize your contacts using intuitive drag and drop tabs.

1. To create a group

When you start the application, there are only three tabs, "All," "Search," and "Unclassified." To create a group, please push the "+" button under these tabs.

3. Sending e-mail

You can send an email to members of a group at the same time. Once set, the contact information is recorded for each group. If you send an e-mail address again to the same group, it will use the previous setting unless you change it.

  • Feb 20, 2011 version 1.0
  • Feb 24, 2011 version 1.1
  • Mar 5, 2011 version 1.2
  • Jun 14, 2011 version 1.3


  1. You never explained that you sent text messages SMS grouped as a message service mms and suddenly I was charged much more than expected since I have a contract with unlimited texts. Please explain how you group messages and how you send them?

    Annoyed customer

    1. Thank you for using Contactsbook.

      ContactsBook calls "Messages" app to send messages.
      "Messages" app selects appropriate service. SMS, MMS or iMessage.
      MMS and iMessage are in data plan. and SMS is out of data plan.

      Which was expensive than your expect, Data or SMS?

    2. May I ask you the career you use?
      AT&T says that MMS (with Photos or Videos) is in Messages plan.

  2. Suddenly my mobile bill doubled. Thanks a lot! You must explain how you send group messages and how it will affect our costs.
    Very bad information. You have deceived us. I wasted my money on a thief.
    Take responsibility will you.

    Angry customer

  3. Will cost you a fortune! Stay away.

  4. Suddenly my contact book doesn't display the contact list correctly. I already created the group and categorized contact info. But suddenly group categorization doesn't work. All contact info is mixed up, so it doesn't work at all. Even I updated the app to the latest version, it didn't show the right contact info in the right group. It's very inconvenient and the app doesn't work as it should be.
    Please tell me how to fix immediately.

  5. Thank you for interesting app. I have some questions related to this app
    1. When I add a contact to this app, does this app write the info to iPhone native phonebook?
    2. Does this app publish any API (URI schema) so that other apps can interact with this app?


  6. I've loved this app for over 3 years. Now, out of the blue, it won't add the contacts I've chosen to the email please advise.


  7. why contact-books app is not updated?
    Prefix is not used ,since IOS 9

  8. I just purchased this app and it does not allow me to move contacts to a group. I get an error that says "Failed Assigning To Group. To group contacts from Exchange or Google Sync, Please use Local Group". I feel like I have been scammed and want my money back. I notice you have not been responding to previous questions. I would like a reply within 48 hours..

  9. When I try to restore contacts, once I can see old addresses but all of then disappear in a next moment. What happened??? I have been using iPhone7. Eventually I couldn't restore this phone correctly.

  10. Kindly REFUND my money as the app keeps on crashing as soon as it’s opened. Apple ID:

  11. Although very troublesome, please request to iTunes from the following URL.

  12. Love the group tabs on the right (left would good too as an option.) I am seeking a replacement for the stock ios contacts app, and as such would need a dialer, access to recents, voicemail...right across the bottom.

    It would be amazing to have the option to disk out using Skype (vs copying the number, switching apps, tapping dial.pad them dial pad again then paste then dial then confirm)

  13. Please make a iPad version of it!