Tuesday, January 1, 2013


ReminderBook is a useful task control tool syncing with "Reminders". 
You can easily organize your tasks using tab and drag & drop.


  • ReminderBook sync with "Reminders". If you use Reminders, you can use it's data in ReminderBook.
  • ReminderBook can be sync with Mac, iPhone or iPad by iCloud.
  • Drag & Drop 
    • Long press the task. After it floated, drag and drop to the tab.
    • Press "edit" button, touch tasks to check and drag and drop them.You can edit multiple tasks.



  • 2013/7/x version1.0


  1. TaskBook is a wonderful app!
    Very well thought out and stable!

    Just one needed feature -----
    I need to be able to enter tasks connected to a contact (can do this part):
    Task A - Roof Contractor
    Task B - Electrical Contractor
    Task C - Roof Contractor
    Then I want to search for the Roof Contractor and see:
    (not able to find a way to search by a contact without retyping in the notes)
    Task A
    Task C

    I can't make a category for every person connected to a task, and I can not type the name in again.But I would love to get a quick list of contacts and their tasks to see when the last time a repair was done, or how many times a service has been performed.
    Even if the name in the task display could be sorted. Anything to get that information!

    I have downloaded so many apps trying to find this feature and yours seems like it has the most potential!

    If TaskBook does this please let me know how. I would really appreciate it!

    If it does not currently offer this feature. I would like to suggest this as a new feature. I think others would love this feature also, ivery much. And you could, of course tweak it to be marketed to keep up with home maintenance as well. Some food for thought.

    Maybe I am over looking how to do this but I can't find it anywhere.


    By the way, there was not a "publish" button on the contact page.

    Eurekafan at Yahoo

  2. Tagging tasks is my favorite feature in TaskBook, but I can't tag in ReminderBook now...
    I hope I can tag a task in next updates.
    Thanks for great app:)

  3. Can you add a picture or voice note in reminder book like you can in task book? It would be PEDFECT if we can. Thanks so much!